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Remembering Nikki

Well, it’s been more than a month now since we said our final goodbyes to Nikki, and I suppose the hurt is diminishing some.

Our new puppy Max is proving to be a real handful, and he really does exhibit many of the traits that Nikki did at that age.

For those that don’t know, Mary and I ride, and are very involved with the Patriot Guard Riders here in Colorado. We spend a lot of time throughout the year on our bikes and really do love the sense of freedom that you get from riding the open road. You might ask what any of this has to do with Nikki, and while I’ll admit that it’s a very tenuous link, when I was trying to think of an appropriate way to honor the memory of Nikki (among the ideas that I had was a patch or other type of “biker” memorabilia) I came up with the idea of having a helmet airbrushed in her likeness. The idea there being since Nikki loved to go for rides (though never on the bike!) I’d always have her with me when I wear the helmet.

The UPS man brought the helmet today. I made him wait while I opened the box so I could show it to him. (Nikki and him had what I’d call a very “special” relationship. She did not like his truck at all and would always bark and carry on when he was near)

Anyway,  here’s a picture of my new helmet:


Tomorrow we’ll be riding to honor one of the USAF Airmen (MAJ David Brodeur) who was killed in Afghanistan, and Nikki will be right there with me…

7 Responses to “Remembering Nikki”

  1.   Emilysmom Says:

    I love your helmet! They did a great job.

  2.   etgayle Says:

    ted, that is so special, we love it.

    charon & gayle

  3.   redbud Says:

    Ted, What a beautiful idea and a stunning lid…I hope to see a few photos of your ride tomorrow 🙂 My husband and I ride too…you’ve given me a wonderful idea….be safe! Anita

  4.   Ginger Says:

    A very touching tribute for a special dog. You and your Patriot Guard Riders do a good thing. Keep it up and keep honoring Nikki.

  5.   maximutt Says:

    That is really beautiful. They did a great job, and a great idea for a special memorial for your girl.

  6.   dsimas Says:

    OMG, I am in tears! I love that picture, she has that sweet expectant loving look that she always had, rather than the “scary rott” look that most bikers will probably expect.

    I wish I did ride just so I could be a Patriot Rider. I love you guys. I work at the airport and every time (often unfortunately) a fallen soldier returns home, you guys are lined up with all your great big bikes and flags proudly waving to protect them and the family from protesters. THANK YOU!!!


  7.   indiana Says:

    Oh Ted, that is beautiful! I have “Indiana” necklaces, shirts, mugs, flags, slates, and the list goes on! I, too ride with my husband on occasion..I think it’s time to buy a new hemlet with my gentle warrior displayed for all to see…He will ride with the wind and be free…as Nikki will on her special ride with you to honor a fallen soldier and alwasy an angel on your shoulder…Many tears…
    Thank you for sharing..
    Indy kisses & hugs from Indiana’s mom Carol

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