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Goodbye Babydog . . .

Nikki Malone – 26 DEC 2001 – 1 APR 2011

This is the very first picture I ever took of Nikki:


Ugh. I have no words that could possibly describe the heartache and anguish I feel at the moment, but it feels so wrong to cry over the loss of Nikki. She was so strong, and such a fighter, even when it was clear that the end was here.. Just before the final injection she licked both of our faces (and Dr. Pyne’s) as if to say, “Hey, why are you so sad?”

Last night was a very bad night for Nikki. She couldn’t get comfortable, and she was having a lot of trouble breathing.. She asked to go outside, and when I took her out, she just wanted to sit in the night air and breathe it in.. When I told her it was time to go back in, she kept leading me towards the garage and the truck, I think telling me that she was ready..

This morning, Nikki was her old self, playful and wanting to make sure that the neighborhood was safe from garbage trucks and delivery men. When I took her outside midmorning, she just sat and enjoyed the fresh air.


She also kept looking at me with that, “what is wrong with you, there’s no reason to be sad” look that she has been perfecting over the last few weeks.


You can see in her eyes a bit of the pain here..


We made the appointment with Dr. Pyne for 3:30 this afternoon, and when it came time to go, Nikki very happily made her way to the Avalanche and waited for me to help her in. She was bound and determined to enjoy that last ride.


So rest in peace Nikki. We love you very much.  I don’t know what else to say.

15 Responses to “Goodbye Babydog . . .”

  1.   tatespeeps Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog.

  2.   anjl Says:

    It takes so much love and strength to let them go!!
    Sincere sympathies to you!

  3.   daisy2010 Says:

    We are so sorry for your loss.

  4.   krun15 Says:

    Nikki put up a courageous fight- you guys did everything you could for her, including giving her this last, unselfish gift.
    RIP Nikki.


  5.   CatiesMom Says:

    Oh, I am so so so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful brave girl your babydog was. It’s small comfort I’m sure during this heartache but she’s not suffering any more.

    You have my deepest sympathies. This is so sad.

  6.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Nikki. I always enjoyed reading about her and how she was doing so well. This is so sad and I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how very special she was. I too lost my Mackenzie recently so I completely understand your heartache and pain.
    She obviously loved life until the very end and she’s now running free with all of our other tripawd angels.
    Kami, Angel Mackenzie and Kobe

  7.   maximutt Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Nikki. I followed her blog and loved reading about her adventures. She was a true Tripawd Hero.

  8.   kellyr2011 Says:

    So sorry to hear of you loss. Me and my Maddie are new hear, but not new to furry family members and how it feels when they leave us to run free.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Such life and love. SO much to celebrate in her strength and heart. R.I.P. Nikki….

  9.   etgayle Says:

    we are so sorry to hear of nikki’s passing. she was a beautiful girl. love never ends.

    charon & gayle

  10.   maggie Says:

    R.I.P. Nikki. Now your pawrents need to heal with time. It’s so sad to read about your passing 🙁 Tears are flowing here in Maine.

    You were a true Tripawd HERO!!!


    Tracy & Maggie

  11.   jerry Says:

    Oh baby girl, we love you so much. Our hearts ache for your folks, we can’t tell you how sorry we are.

    But yes, you fought like an incredible, strong girl and showed us what it’s like to fight cancer with class and courage. We are so lucky to have met you in pawson. May your spirit shine on forever and watch over all of our Tripawd heroes.

    Ted and Mary, our hearts go out to you.

  12.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    I am so sorry that Nikki’s fight is over, but so grateful that she ended it in the company of those who love her so much. I followed her fight and hoped she might rally. Still, I think Nikki would say “no regrets–my life was grand!” I wish you all peace and precious memories.


  13.   Leslie Says:

    Nikki was a beautiful girl, with a beautiful personality to match. She’s still watching you guys, and she loves you so much. You’ll have your sad moments, but just remember how incredibly strong and happy your girl was. The pictures you posted captured the moments you shared so well. Please accept my sincerest condolences on your loss.


  14.   admin Says:

    no need for more words, Nkki’s beautiful face says it all. You gave her the most wonderful life any dog could ever want. Thank you for sharing her story. Peace.

    PS: In case you haven’t seen it, Karen started a tribute topic for sweet Nikki in the forums.

  15.   Rio's Mom Says:

    So sorry about Nikki. You have our deepest sympathies. She was a beautiful girl, with an incredible spirit, and her memory will sustain you through the heartache.

    Micki and Rio

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