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Another Week

Well, we’re another week along and Nikki hasn’t really changed much, although she’s starting to have difficulty breathing at night. Last night was a particularly rough night for her, and at one point she must’ve decided that it was easier for her to breathe when she was sitting up as she sat up for awhile before moving and laying back down and finally getting some sleep.

She hasn’t had much of an appetite, and I’ve been trying just about everything I can think of to try and get her to eat. We finally figured out that Vienna Sausages work, so she’s been eating a couple of cans of those (I know, yuck!) for her meals.. Sasha of course has been enjoying this process because this means she gets whatever Nikki rejects.

It’s tough.. One one hand I look at Nikki and I wonder if she’s suffering and if it’s time for “that trip”, but then I’ll be out for awhile (I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been allowed to work from the home office lately, meaning Nikki has been hanging out with me a lot) and walk in the door and Nikki will be there to greet me pawing at me and asking for my face so she can lick it.. How can you possibly think it’s “time” when she’s doing this? (I think the answer is that she’s just an incredible fighter, and has taken the tact that she’s not going to let this stop her from being Nikki)


I took this picture a couple of days ago, and you can see that Nikki still has the spark in her eyes….

I’ve just been spending a lot of time with her, and letting her pretty much dictate what she wants to do. Strangely, she’s been asking to be helped up onto the couch quite a bit, but will only stay there for about 30 minutes or so before she climbs back down and heads to her spot on the floor..

Oh well, we just wait and see I guess..

10 Responses to “Another Week”

  1.   CatiesMom Says:

    Oh, I feel your heartache and confusion. She is a lovely girl and yes, still has that sparkle in her eyes. I don’t know what to say except I think because you know her so well you will know when it’s time and she will somehow convey this to you. I believe this in part because it’s what I hope for with our Catie.

    Sending you and your pretty girl good, warm wishes. Wait and see is the best we can all do sometimes.

  2.   etgayle Says:

    sounds like you guys share such a strong spirit – you will know when it’s time to let her go on to her next adventure. until then, maximum hugs and kisses, enjoy every moment!

    charon & gayle

  3.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Nikki is still beautiful with shining eyes.

    Has she always liked the couch? If so, could she be couch hopping because she knows she has liked it but now it’s not firm enough to be comfortable?

    As for food, I get my picky eater to consider food sometimes by dousing it in chicken broth. I mean swimming in chicken broth. Would she try that? And we also bribed another one years ago with canned tuna and jerky. I’ve read about several declining dogs here who would eat cat food when all else failed. I know it’s an affront to their dignity, but maybe if she can’t see the label…

    Good luck. You and Nikki have a strong bond, and somehow you will know.


  4.   krun15 Says:

    I worried too that I would miss the signs that Maggie would send- but I didn’t. I knew when it was time- I was sure, you will be too. But before we got there I did what you are doing- spent all the time I could with her- let her decide what we would do. Mostly in the evenings she wanted to sit on my lap so that is what we did. We went to the park almost every day, but mostly sat on the grass and watched the world go by.
    Food was tough for us too- but Maggie had kidney failure issues which lead her to not want to eat. I found whipped cheese- the cheddar type- often got her started. I would let her lick a little of that and that would get her eating. I kept all types of stuff- chicken, turkey, hamburger, salmon, gravy… let her eat what ever she would take.

    Love that girl every day!
    Karen and the pugapalooza

  5.   Rio's Mom Says:

    What a beauty!!!! Nikki sounds like such a fighter and I truly admire such a strong spirit. Having gone through the final days with another of my dogs (kidney failure), I can say with assurity, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt when it’s time. In the meantime, enjoy every second, take lots of pictures and breathe in her special doggy smell as often as you can. Savor every moment and live every second. It’s the doggy way!

    Sending you hugs and doggy smiles,

    Rio’s Mom and Rio

  6.   maggie Says:

    Oh, Nikki….I was so excited to see a post from you but this isn’t what I expected 🙁

    I’m sorry for you and your pawrents to go through this…you are a fighter for sure! You do still have that sparkle in your eye!

    My thoughts are with you and Nikki. They sure teach us to live in the moment…

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  7.   jerry Says:

    On Nikki, you do look so pretty. I know it’s hard for your humans to cope as well as you are, but you’re sure doing a good job teaching them how to live day by day, moment by moment. Someday they’ll graduate but not yet. Nope, it’s just not time.

    For now, things sound like they are as good as they can be, and we’re glad to hear you are still having a good quality of life. My situation was much like yours, practically identical. We just took things as they came, and one day, I told them I was ready. But in the meanwhile, we just loved eachother all we could.

    Many hugs coming your way.

  8.   dsimas Says:

    Mary and Ted,

    I love that picture of Nikki. It’s like looking at Raven! They have the “sweet” expectant adorable look, how can anyone think Rotties look mean? Pure love.

    You are in my thoughts every day. I truly understand what you are going through. Try hard to love and hug on her every moment and not worry about the next. It will come, it will for all of us in one way or another. Nikki only knows “now”.

    Hugs and prayers,

  9.   Ted Says:

    Thanks all for the replies. Yes, it’s a tough call, but we are learning to just take it moment by moment. I’ll probably write this up in my next post, but it is so amazing to look at Nikki now and know just how much she is fighting. When she was a puppy, I remember having to carry her when she’d hurt herself playing, or the time when she was about a year old (and about 60 pounds) she’d make me carry her up and down the stairs because she’d hurt herself. Always thought she was such a sensitive dog and wasn’t very “tough”….

    She’s definitely not ready to go yet, even though she’s in some pain now……

  10.   admin Says:

    Quite a spark indeed. Please give Nikki a good belly rub for us!

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