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She’s Definitely a Fighter!

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve gotten the news that Nikki has a shadow in her lungs and the prognosis isn’t good. Interestingly though, she’s gotten herself back to normal and has been quite happy over the last few days, so both Mary and I were hoping that the shadow was just some fluid from an infection or something.. Well, it just wasn’t to be. Dr. Pyne confirmed today with both radiographs and bloodwork that the cancer has definitely returned, this time in her lungs. Funny that it didn’t materialize as mets, but rather as a mass..


(The picture I took isn’t the best, but if you look on the left side of the photo you can see the outline of the mass that is in her lungs)

We have no idea how long Nikki has, but from the way she’s fighting right now, we’re hoping that it will be awhile.

Mary and I have agreed that we will simply let Nikki be the happy dog that she is, and will trust her when she tells us it’s time to go. As much as we don’t want that time to ever come, I think it will go much better for all of us if we just don’t think about it and, as a friend of mine counseled me today, take it one day at a time and let Nikki lead.

She truly is Nikki the Three-legged Wonder Dog!


8 Responses to “She’s Definitely a Fighter!”

  1.   admin Says:

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like your taking the same approach we did when Jerry approached his final days, which turned out to be a few fun-filled weeks! keep on Keepin’ on Nikki! 🙂

  2.   tammycox109 Says:

    She’s beautiful!

  3.   krun15 Says:

    When Maggie was diagnosed with melanoma I did not ask for a prognosis. I knew our time was short, but I didn’t want to be watching the calendar. Every day was a gift, and I treasure that time.
    One day at a time!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  4.   maximutt Says:

    Max’s cancer returned in the form of lung mets. It took a good several weeks before we saw the physical symptoms of them. When we found out about the return of the cancer, we decided to lt Max have his final days just “being a dog.” It sounds like that’s what you’re doing with Nikki. Let her take the lead. She’ll decide when it’s time, and she may decide to hang around for quite awhile.

  5.   Alexei Says:

    Just enjoy Nikki one day at a time and give lots of kisses. Many voices here that can help with anything that may arise. Bless you guys…

  6.   etgayle Says:

    ditto on what karen says – every day is a gift!! enjoy the moments with that beautiful girl.

    charon & gayle

  7.   CatiesMom Says:

    Enjoy your time with your beautiful happy wonder dog.

    Hugs and kisses and all kinds of good, strong, pawsitive stuff being sent your way.

  8.   dsimas Says:

    I am so sorry to hear that the damn cancer is back. But, I have to say, Nikki has defeated all odds and has been such an inspiration to me. Raven only had a few months and I watched Nikki closely all this time and she blew me away with how she has always done so well. 🙂

    Hang in there and as you have already figured out, the most important thing is to focus on one day at a time. Imagine if you had obsessed over her “prognosis” back when she was first diagnosed so long ago and wasted precious days being sad while she was still around?

    Love and hugs to you and Nikki,
    Dawn and Miles

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