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One Week Later…

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Today is Tuesday, exactly 1 week ago at about this time Mary and I were heading to Banfield to pick Nikki up after her surgery. If you would have told me (and now that I think about, a lot of you did) then that I would be describing Nikki’s progress like I have been, I would have called you a dreamer..

Anyway… Guess who met me at the door today when I came home? Yep, Nikki was right there with the other 2, just wagging her (shaved) nub like the others.. Don’t tell her she’s missing a leg, I don’t think she realizes it!

The anti-itch cream seemed to have helped Nikki quite a bit. After we got home from the visit with Dr. Pyne last night, Nikki was more relaxed than I’d seen her since the surgery. None of the “itch scoot” or the bite/lick that we’ve been seeing as the stitches heal. She woke us about 3am, and let us know that she had to go out, but once that was over with, she pretty much went back to sleep (not entirely, there was a bit of time where she was restless) until it was time to get up for real.

Nikki is doing really great going down the stairs, but she’s still trying to figure out the up part. This is pretty much the only time she needs my help now, and I’m confident that as her remaining rear leg strengthens, she’ll get that down as well.

Mary let me know that Nikki is back to her old habit of sitting by the door waiting for the UPS truck to drive by, then growling and barking at it. (I don’t know what it is about delivery vehicles, but Nikki hates them – and even if we’re out for a ride or something and she sees a UPS or FedEx truck, she’ll bark and carry on) so every day brings a little bit of the “normal Nikki” back. (She just hopped into the office here to see me, I think letting me know that I haven’t pet her enough today)

Tomorrow we see Dr. Friedly here in Falcon. He comes highly recommended by Dr. Pyne as a vet who does pure holistic treatment. Apparently he worked for one of the larger hospitals around and decided that the holistic approach is more suited to what he wants to do. (I’ll post more about him after we meet him tomorrow) We plan to discuss what our next steps are with Nikki and see if he can offer suggestions in terms of Chemotherapy alternatives..

Nikki is now laying at my feet and letting me know that she feels so much better today.. I still can’t believe it’s only been a week….

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8 Responses to “One Week Later…”

  1.   anyemery Says:

    Yay, Nikki! We’re so glad your recovery is going so well! Holly is right with you about those delivery people – she will bark and carry on when we pass a mail truck, UPS truck, Fedex truck, etc. And even the ice cream truck! (we’ve decided since it’s the same shape as a mail truck that she thinks it’s a singing mailman). Anyway, we’re sending you lots of hugs!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  2.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Awesome about Nikki’s speedy recovery! I know when you see progress like what you’re seeing, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world!

  3.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Simply wonderful! Sounds like Nikki is doing great! I bet seeing her like this makes you glad you made the decision you did to amputate her leg! Who needs four legs??? Keep it up Nikki!

  4.   Ted Says:

    After I wrote this and then went into the family room to watch TV, Nikki followed me and then decided she wanted to get up on the couch. You could see that she was trying to push herself with her nonexistent leg, so Mary helped her the rest of the way. She pretty much got into her normal spot on the couch and watched TV with us. You would not know that we’ve had a traumatic week by looking at her now..

    As for the decision, I am probably just projecting a little more than I should here, but I’d swear that she’s walk/hopping with less pain now than she had before the surgery…

  5.   krun15 Says:

    It is great to hear how fast Nikki is recovering. I think she will have no trouble with stairs once she figures out her new balance, and gains strength in that back leg. My little pug Maggie is also a rear amp. She can do a few stairs, but what holds her back is her size. She is only about 12″ at the shoulder, so some stairs are at chin level to her.
    Just don’t let Nikki do to much. She still needs to heal from a major surgery, and her muscles need to adjust to her new gait.
    But overall it sounds great!! I am interested to hear what the holistic vet says.

    Karen and the pug girls

  6.   Kanga's mom Says:

    I don’t think you are imagining anything, even with the amputation and the horrific first two days, I am observing a dog that doesn’t have the leg that hurt her. Kanga does not growl anymore and there is a distinct happiness in her face and she’s less edgy…as outlandish as it may seem, I know Kanga is happier and in less pain.
    I’m so happy the vet is so pleased with her progress and that you have opted for the holistic option (at least as this point). I know of so many people that have gone the chemo route that have been successful but…I watched my best friend die of cancer two years ago and I wouldn’t do that to my dog…my mother, or anyone else for that matter. Costs aside, I applaud you for thinking of Nikki first. I am NOT anti chemo if the vet/oncologist can promise lasting results, but I am against rounds of it. She’s a lucky dog! AND, what is the anti-itch cream – Kanga is beginning to really want that surgical site now that the hair is growing, right on time like Nikki.
    Hope your Wednesday is positive and full of good things,
    Paula and Kanga (roo)

  7.   jerry Says:

    It’s pretty cool that you’re tackling the stairs Nikki. Going up is definitely an issue for rear tripawds, but you’ll figure it out. We love hearing about all the progress you are making.

    And yes, we’d love to know what the anti-itch cream is. Can you give us the name of it?

  8.   Ted Says:

    The cream that Dr. Pyne gave us is “Resortin”, which is just a Nystatin-Neomycin Sulfate. It worked exceptionally well to calm her down, but now we’ve discovered that she likes the taste of it…. Apparently there is also an over the counter spray, we’ll be trying that as well to see which works better.

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