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First Post-Surgery Visit to the Doctor

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Today is Monday, 6 days post surgery for Nikki. She just continues to amaze everyone with her recovery. We took her to see Dr. Pyne this afternoon, and even the folks at Banfield were pleasantly surprised at how well Nikki was doing. She didn’t even want/need my help to walk from the Tahoe into the store and basically acted just like any other time she’s been in to see the docs….

Nikki weighed in at 95 pounds, so she’s lost a bit during this time (I don’t think the leg weighed that much) but all in all is still very healthy and most importantly she’s very happy..

One of the things that Nikki has learned is how easy it is to scratch her stitches by scooting on the carpet. Dr. Pyne had to redo a couple of the external stitches on the wound because they’d come undone. She prescribed some anti-itch cream for Nikki that should help reduce this problem.

One thing that Mary and I discussed with Dr. Pyne is the fact that we think we’re going to forgo the Chemotherapy treatments for Nikki. We still don’t have the pathology report from the leg, but we do know that Nikki’s X-Rays and blood-work have come back normal, so we think we might have caught this cancer in time. There’s plenty of evidence against chemo out there, but not a lot of evidence for it. Dr. Pyne told us about a vet that operates out near where we live that practices the holistic approach to cancer treatments, so we might consult with him as well. Our thought on this approach is that we don’t yet have visible signs of the cancer spreading, and if we get in front of the problem, maybe we can head it off. This is all subject to change of course, but it’s where we’re headed at this point.

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9 Responses to “First Post-Surgery Visit to the Doctor”

  1.   maggie Says:

    Good report on Nikki. I’ve been reading your blog but had yet to post I think. I am not doing chemo for my dog, Maggie, either. Treating her with homeopathics with Dr. Charlie Loops. And doing many supplements that were recommended by Dr. Demien Dressler in his book the “Cancer Survivor Guide”. GOOD BOOK.

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2.   anyemery Says:

    We’re glad to hear that Nikki’s continuing to do so well! I’m really interested in your decision about chemo – I really struggled with that decision, too. Please let us know if you visit with the holistic vet! I’m slowly changing Holly’s diet over to a low grains diet, and will then start introducing supplements based on what our oncologist recommended.
    Best wishes for many more good days! Please give Nikki a hug for us!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  3.   Gina Says:

    So glad you are thinking about Holistic care for Nikki. I wish her and you the best!

  4.   Kami (Mackenzie's Mom) Says:

    That’s great that Nikki continues to do so well. I can understand your decision about not doing the chemo. I struggle with our decision to do the chemo all the time. I’d be very interested in learning more about the holistic approach for treating cancer. Hope Nikki’s biopsy comes back clean and you caught this cancer in time. Wouldn’t that be so awesome?

  5.   Peyton's Path Says:

    We are happy you are doing so well Nikki! Sorry for the itchy bum, that can’t be comfortable! Hope the anti-itch cream works!! Keep impressing every one!

  6.   timbersmom Says:

    Hi Ted,
    So glad to hear that Nikki’s doing well…thanks for all your great posts and pics and videos!
    I really struggled with the chemo decision…would love to hear what kinds of protocols are suggested re: a holistic approach…keep us posted…best of luck…
    Denise and Timber

  7.   jerry Says:

    Hey Ted, that’s great news.

    As for losing weight, remember that Tripawds need to be skinnier than most dogs to keep them strong and able-bodied. So being very svelte is good for Nikki.

    As for chemo, do what feels right in your heart. And if you do go the holistic route, we would love to learn more about it in the Discussion Forums OK? Thanks so much for sharing Nikki’s recovery with us.

  8.   jakesmom Says:

    Whatever you end up doing for Nikkit after the surgery is fine… The amputation was the most important part. As you’ve read from all the posts on the forums… some did chemo, some didn’t… I look forward to hearing all about Nikki’s progress!!! So glad she’s doing well so far!! As for the weight loss, it’s to be expected… and it also helps with the remaining 3 legs!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  9.   jakesmom Says:

    OMG! I had a finger spasm when I typed my post… I meant to write Nikki… not ‘Nikkit’!!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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