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Saturday Morning

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Last night was another good night. Nikki was a bit restless when we first went up the stairs, but she did settle down pretty quickly. She had been pretty mobile on her own throughout the day and evening, so I know she was tired. She woke up around 0330 and whined for a little while, but quickly went back to sleep.

We slept in until 0730 this morning (WOO HOO!) and then started the whole morning ritual. I took Nikki down the stairs and outside (We have 2 sets of stairs she has to navigate, from the bedroom to the main level, and then from the deck to the ground) and at this point I just let go of the sling at the bottom of the stairs outside, and she “runs” off to do her business.. She is still a bit unsteady on that remaining hind leg, but I know it will get better for her.

We got back inside the house and the dogs got their treats and breakfast, then Mary and I sat here in the office to go through email, facebook, etc….

You can see in the third picture below that the bruising is already disappearing on Nikki’s wound. I think this is due in part to the fact that Mary has been occasionally icing the area per Dr. Pynes recommendation.

Sasha and Buddy have been doing just great with Nikki (We weren’t so much worried about Buddy, but Sasha was a wildcard. She’s crazy, and as full of energy as you might expect for a 1 year old Rottie) and the dogs are all simply laying together in the front entry way watching the goings-on in the neighborhood.




Mary and I are going to go out today and buy a ramp. We both drive SUVs and Nikki loves to ride, so rather than try and struggle to get her in the vehicle (we have an Appt. on Monday to see Dr. Pyne) we’re just going to get a ramp..

I’ll post an update this evening, and maybe try and get some video of Nikki out in the yard today.

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5 Responses to “Saturday Morning”

  1.   Tazzie Says:

    What great family pictures!
    You probably don’t realize how amazingly well Nikki is doing. Most of us are still waiting for the ‘first poo’ on day 3, 4 or 5 (or longer) and many of our dogs will not budge during that time and for much longer except to do their ‘business’.

  2.   dsimas Says:

    Nikki is true to her breed, one tough cookie!! I love the shot of the 3 of them. Heaven to me, a house full of Rotts. I am amazed at her progress, just amazed. Even tough as Raven is, he wasn’t up for two days and I was sleeping on the floor with him stressing out for a week or more.

    Looking forward to the videos!!

    Dawn and Raven

  3.   cemil Says:

    I too am amazed at Nikki’s progress. Cemil was able to sleep on the bed from the first night so I didn’t have to move to the floor, but he did a lot of resting for the first three weeks or so, enough to make me worry. Go Nikki!!

    Mary and Cemil

  4.   anyemery Says:

    Yay for Nikki’s progress! She’s doing great! We love the pictures of the rottie family, too. We’ll continue to keep fingers and paws crossed for her strong recovery!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  5.   Kanga's mom Says:

    Sounds like from the others you’re above the curve, you go Nikki! Isn’t it funny about the hardwood floors, Kanga will not lay on either bed or the rugs, just the floor and scoots to the rug to get grip to get up. Perhaps the coolness of the floor? Finally have a still dog but she even cries in her sleep, poor thing, she’s so tired and fighting it like a little kid but markedly better than last night, just so loud when she stirs. She still sounds exaclty like a screaming eagle at her worst. Wish I could trust our lab to be with her and not rough house, our vet was very detailed about not doing that, he KNOWS our lab :). I pray our day 3 will be as good as your day 3, we’ll find out tomorrow. Keep it up Nikki, you make my days!
    Paula and Kanga (roo)

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